treading7Treading the Path

Lecture by Swami Rama


In this lecture by Swami Rama, recorded live in 1978, he discusses the four primitive urges (food, sleep, sex and self-preservation), and how to work with the mind and senses. Swami Rama discusses the relationship between breath and mind, and mind and consciousness. On a practical level he gives tips on how to break bad habits such as sloth and inertia, cautions us about the pitfalls of expectation and sadness, and directs us to listen to the teacher within, which is your own conscience.

Swamiji’s talk is sprinkled with anecdotes from his youth and practical lessons on life from his master. Finally, he leads us to expansion of consciousness through constant awareness of the Reality within.

52:02 minutes

ISBN 978-81-88157-82-2 or