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LSR5Love, Sex & Relationships

by Swami Rama

In this lecture recorded live from 1973, Swami Rama discusses the role of sex in relationships, the need for love, communication and selflessness. The lecture is interspersed with anecdotes from the monastery and Swamiji ’s childhood experiences. He briefly talks about chakras, upward traveling and monastic practices.

ISBN 978-81-88157-77-8, 57 minutes


teachings3-jpgTeachings of the Himalayan Tradition

by Swami Rama

In this lecture from 1976, Swami Rama reveals many of the monastic secrets of the Himalayan Masters. Swami Rama discusses the law of karma, the path of action and renunciation, meditation and contemplation, and recounts stories from his childhood in the Himalayas. He introduces the students to the school of Navayana, the New Vehicle, and Sahaja Bhava.

ISBN 978-81-88157-74-7, 1:00:56 minutes


hh-cd-image2Holistic Health

by Swami Rama

In this lecture, Swami Rama discusses in simple and direct language the key to holistic health. By understanding life with all its currents and cross currents, a person can know the purpose of life. A human being should understand himself on all levels, and by knowing his own self, can understand the Self of all. In this lecture, Swami Rama talks about different aspects of human life and how to organize those aspects: eating, sleeping, relationships, karma, breathing, nourishing and cleansing the body, and the thinking process.

ISBN 978-81-88157-73-0, 59:07 minutes


cdcoverConscious Living: An Audiobook for Spiritual Transformation

by Swami Rama

This 5-CD set is a collection of lectures that Swami Rama gave in Singapore in 1991 and 1992. Recorded live, they capture the essence and inspiration of Swamiji’s public speaking style. His book, Conscious Living: A Guidebook for Spiritual Transformation is derived from nine of the lectures he presented in Singapore. Five of those lectures are included in this new audiobook.

  • Volume one: Prayer, Meditation, Contemplation, 56.40 minutes
  • Volume two: Freedom from Stress, 57.45 minutes
  • Volume three: Creative Use of Emotions, 62.01 minutes
  • Volume four: Mind and its Modifications, 45.31 minutes
  • Volume five: The Goal of Life, 43.08 minutes

ISBN 978-81-88157-18-1, digital download or audio CD


Guided Practices

Guided-PracticeGuided Practice of Mantra and Meditation

by Swami Rama

“Meditation is a process of purifying the mind and making it one-pointed, inward, and tranquil. Through the method of meditation, the mind will help you to fathom the deeper levels of your being and lead you to the highest state of realization.”

In this audio recording, Swami Rama lucidly guides the listener step-by-step through the process of meditation and remembering your mantra.

ISBN 978-81-88157-39-6, digital download or audio CD, 18 minutes


basics-sleevePractices of the Himalayan Tradition as Taught by Swami Rama

Volume 1: Breathing and Relaxation

Recorded by Prakash Keshaviah, Ph.D.

This is volume 1 of an audio CD series which will guide you through some of the basic practices of the Himalayan tradition as taught by H.H. Swami Rama of the Himalayas. In this volume, the following tracks are included:

1. Introduction, 2:48
2. Diaphragmatic Breathing in the Crocodile Posture, or Makarasana, 3:57
3. Diaphragmatic Breathing in the Corpse Posture, or Shavasana, 10:35
4. Tension Relaxation Exercise, 9:16
5. Complete Relaxation Exercise for the Muscles of the Body, 12:00
6. Complete Relaxation Exercise for the Joints of the Body, 10:50
7. 31 Points Exercise, 7:20

The audio tracks were recorded in a natural setting with bird songs providing a soothing background.

ISBN 978-81-88157-70-9, digital download or audio CD



BholePrabhuCVRBhole Prabhu Sings

by Swami Rama

As a young man Swami Rama was known as Bhole Prabhu. He was an accomplished musician who played the veena and loved to sing. But one day his master became concerned about his one-pointed devotion to music. He was worried Swamiji would neglect his meditation practice and made him promise not to sing again until 1985. The first song on this recording, Guru Vandana, is the piece Swamiji sang as a young man when he was known as Bhole Prabhu, on All India Radio. All of India wept when they heard it. We are pleased to release these very rare early recordings of Bhole Prabhu, as well as the later pieces of Swami Rama in this edition.

ISBN 978-81-88157-10-5, digital download or audio CD, 62.08 minutes


AUM_CDAUM a meditation in sound

by Swami Rama

On the banks of the holy river Ganges in northern India, is an ancient Shiva temple where in 1988 Swami Rama recorded this chanting of AUM. As you listen to this simple yet profound recording, you are carried by the singular voice of Swami Rama chanting AUM with only an electronic tanpura for accompaniment. Mysteriously this sound grows and grows throughout the recording though no instruments have been added. Finally the entire temple is vibrating and reverberating with this cosmic sound spiraling throughout the shrine as it stimulates the temple bells to sympathetically resonate.

ISBN 978-81-88157-08-2, 36.52 minutes, digital download or audio CD