Ten days have passed since I came back to Japan, and it seems that my life has been completely back to normal at last, working at Lions Club office and children’s study center and meeting and talking with friends.  However, after spending very special and precious days in India, something is very different now. Every day begins with yoga, eating vegetarian meals at regular time at a quiet circumstance (I now prefer quiet time and space more than ever), taking  Ayurvedic medicine twice a day, and this morning I tried even an oil massage! It was just great and I found it a beautiful habit I should introduce to my life.


My skin symptoms have been improving literally day by day, and I can feel and see my basic skin condition is getting so much better. These are all very happy things to happen, but on top of that, now I can see my body as a temple of my soul; that is a great blessing to happen with me. A body as a temple, I would often hear and read that words, however, I could not see and treat my body or my skin like that way.

But at your place, you and all the therapists treated myself, my body, my skin like a temple; treating carefully, gently and respectfully and which has led me to realize my body as a temple. Years ago, when the symptoms were so serious, I could not look in a mirror. I was ashamed of my skin, my face and my body, but now, I don’t think that way anymore. It is not because I don’t have serious symptoms now but because this is my body to be appreciated, cherished and respected. Everything I experienced in India has made me realize it.


I am so happy that you are my doctor and I would like to express a great gratitude for everything you did for me. Now, Ayurveda has become a special and magical word for me, and India has become a country which I deeply love and respect. I truly hope to see you someday in India, or Japan!


With respect and love,