Sri Guru Granth Sahib
in English Verse, volume 1
Transcreation by Swami Rama

Creator of the worlds is One,
Before the Maker there is none.
Truth His Name, pervading force,
Fearless, guileless, timeless source.
Never born, the absolute,
Self-illumed His attribute.
By Guru’s Grace the Lord is known,
The Self-existent One is shown.

The message of Sri Guru Granth Sahib is not limited to a particular group, because the teachings
are universal. Rather, the importance of this scripture is a result of the universal truths contained
in the teachings and their meaning and relevance to all of humanity. Here, Swami Rama has
transformed the verses of Sri Guru Granth Sahib into rhyming English verse.

A disciple of the Himalayan adept, Sri Bengali Baba, Swami Rama lived and traveled with
many saints, yogis, and fakirs in his youth. Swamiji’s deep love for his ancient spiritual
tradition is refl ected in his life and work. He directed his life toward the unifi cation of science
and spirituality and for more than 25 years he lectured throughout the world in monasteries,
churches, universities, and medical schools. Author of many books, Swamiji’s translations of
several of the major Sikh scriptures refl ect his dedication to the cause of demonstrating the true
nature of Sikhism and have won him respect in Sikh and Hindu communities around the world.