Over the years of practicing homeopathy I have been privileged to observe many miraculous effects of homeopathic medicines. One of the most prominent of these is the capacity of homeopathy to clear the system of harmful substances that are causing allergies, skin problems, breathing difficulties and other symptoms. Homeopathy looks at such symptoms as indications the body has been exposed to and is trying to rid itself of something toxic. Homeopathy does not focus on the end result or the diagnosis but rather on eliminating the cause of such symptoms. This is a completely different approach to healing.

Our bodies are continually subjected to toxins from many sources such as: environmental pollutants of air and water; foods contaminated with chemicals and pesticide residue; overuse of medicinal drugs; abuse of alcohol or other intoxicants and tobacco; and poisoning from poisonous substances or from animal or insect bites. It is not possible to control all of these but many can be avoided by checking our habitual uses of foods and intoxicants and by making more judicious choices in our lifestyle.

However, if the system has become overloaded with toxins, homeopathic remedies have proven to be very effective in helping to rid the body of the effects of all such toxins. This is unique to homeopathy. More often than not in my clinical practice I have found it necessary to begin treatment with a homeopathic detox before starting treatment of the actual complaint(s). And it often happens that after 2 to 4 weeks of the detox, the symptoms for which the patient has come for treatment have disappeared and no further prescription was required. Once the cause is removed, the symptoms disappear.

Any homeopath can tell you the most common and most powerful remedy to rid the body of harmful toxins is Nux vomica 30. The detox I usually use includes 2 to 3 biochemics along with Nux vomica. Occasionally I add another acute remedy based on the symptoms. Sometimes the detox has to continue over a longer period of time particularly in deep skin conditions.

I have witnessed this homeopathic detox relieve the symptoms of allergies, urticaria and other skin conditions; antidote the effects of bites; relieve asthma and migraine headaches that have resulted from toxic overload, whatever the source. Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is one condition in which this detox is especially effective. This syndrome is a severe skin reaction to certain medications to which the patient is very sensitive. It is life threatening and causes the dermis to separate from the epidermis of the skin forming large blisters all over the body. We have seen several such cases in the pediatric department which have cleared up within 24 hours using the simple homeopathic detox formula. Miraculous indeed!

An interesting topic for research would be the use of homeopathy in the rehabilitation of patients who are addicted to alcohol and/or recreational or medicinal drugs. I would expect the recovery would be quicker and longer lasting.

Dr. Barbara Bova, HOD, Dept. of Homeopathy