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My first exposure to homeopathy was in a homeopathic clinic in which the physicians’ treatment was based on the chronic miasms and individual constitution. (We will consider homeopathic constitutional treatment in a later article.) This is why I never questioned the validity of Hahnemann’s concept of the miasms. I had the opportunity to observe firsthand the clinical results of anti-miasmatic treatment by experienced practitioners before I knew anything else about the science of homeopathy. And I should add, I observed such amazing results I decided then and there I had to study homeopathy.

Even with the highly advanced technology of modern medical science, there is little to offer as cure for the multitude of chronic diseases that plague humankind. This is why we have to take a closer look at the chronic miasms. If the concept of the miasms as the basis of chronic diseases could be scientifically verified through reproducible research and statistics, much of the unnecessary suffering of humanity could be eliminated or at least diminished. At the same time we could make homeopathy more acceptable to the general medical community and be able to offer constitutional and anti-masmatic treatment for many of the so-called incurable chronic diseases.

Homeopathy treats the underlying cause, not just the symptoms. And according to homeopathic philosophy the cause is something much more subtle than the observable signs and symptoms. In order to understand and practise homeopathy, it is essential to realize and accept that there are subtler forces at work within the psychophysical entity of the human being. These forces are expressed outwardly as signs and symptoms. These signs and symptoms are not the disease, but are merely the result of the disturbance of internal subtle energy fields that are present in both health and disease. It makes no difference what we call these subtle forces—miasms, energy field distortions, disturbances of prana or infections. It is this subtle disturbance that has to be treated.

The unique preparation of the potentised homeopathic remedy results in a dynamic field of energy rather than a physical drug that can be used therapeutically to restore a state of balance to the subtle underlying pranic forces, and thus prevent or halt further miasmatic expression.

“. . . like the rest of the universe, we are layer upon layer of energy or light; these layers form complex patterns in which the subtler layers are aware of the grosser ones . . . The yogi finds that the energies of the various levels of subtlety ranging from the low frequency, earthly, solid manifestations to the very highest frequencies, almost undetectable mental waves, all interact with each other in many forms: he finds that the relation between the denser and finer energies is that of interdependence. The denser ones affect the finer ones in a more immediate way, but the finer ones turn out to be the masters in the long run.” Swami Rama

(to be continued)

Dr. Barbara Bova, HOD,
Department of Homeopathy