Continued from the March/April 2017 newsletter

It has been acknowledged by medical science that genetic factors play a role in disorders that are environmentally induced and that likewise the environment strongly influences genetic expression. Yet the causative agents for some of the most common and most severely disabling chronic diseases are not known. Thus in spite of highly advance technology, allopathic medicine has little to offer as explanation or cure for the multitude of chronic diseases that plague humankind. The prevailing attitude that if something cannot be observed by the senses or measured by instruments then it must not exist, is a serious impediment to the progress of medical science. Only when medical science comes to accept that there is something beyond matter that is controlling the awesome organisation and functioning of the human body, will the answers be forthcoming. According to homeopathy, disease is a disturbance of the vital force (prana) that provides the working force for the human organism. Both the ancient system of yoga science and modern physics substantiate this idea that disease is a subtle internal process.

Before examining the concept of the miasms and chronic diseases as propounded by Hahnemann more than two hundred years ago, let us review the fundamental principles of yoga science (which is thousands of years old) concerning the basic structure and functioning of the human organism, along with the findings of modern physics.

Though physicists continue to search for the ultimate substance that underlies all existing material in our universe, they have arrived at the same conclusion that the yogic sages of long ago discovered in deep meditation. For example, in The Dancing Wu Masters physicist Gary Zukav wrote “If there is any ultimate stuff of the universe, it is pure energy.”

Similarly in an excerpt from the book Inspired Thoughts of Swami Rama, a twentieth century yogi Swami Rama writes: “…like the rest of the universe, we are layer upon layer of energy or light…The yogi finds that the energies of various levels of subtlety ranging from the low frequency, earthly, solid manifestations to the very high frequency, almost undetectable mental waves, all interact with each other in many forms, and that the relation between the denser and finer energies is that of interdependence. The denser ones affect the finer ones in a more immediate way, but the finer ones turn out to be the masters in the long run.”

The energy that is the ultimate stuff of the universe is described in yoga as having three modes of expression called gunas. These are: rajas, tamas and sattva. The dancing energy that makes up the world is rajas; the energy that is almost static and appears to be inert matter is tamas. Modern physics echoes this concept: energy exists in two forms, latent or potential power at rest, and active or dynamic power in motion. Sattva represents a state of perfect equilibrium between these two extremes and is characteristic of pure consciousness. (to be continued)

Dr. Barbara Bova, HOD,
Department of Homeopathy