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The Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust is located near Dehradun in the Garhwal region of the foothills of the Himalayas, and is designed to serve this region’s population of millions of people in great medical, economic, and social need. The mission of HIHT is to develop integrated and cost-effective approaches to health care and development for the country as a whole, and for underserved populations worldwide.

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SRHU Foundation Day Celebrations

The Swami Rama Himalayan University (SRHU) campus wore a festive look from 17-19 April 2017 as the University celebrated its 4th Foundation Day with fervor and gaiety. The 3-day long celebrations were inaugurated by Shri Prakash Pant, the Hon’ble Finance and...

Taking Technology to Frontline Health Workers

Uttarakhand has a very well defined structure of frontline health workers - Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA), ASHA facilitators and Auxiliary Nurse and Mid-wife (ANM) - who constantly work towards ensuring improved health indicators at village level. However,...

The Theory of the Chronic Miasms of Homeopathy (part 4)

(Part 4, continued from previous issue) In the previous issue we stated that prana is the universal force that gives life to all living things. In homeopathy disease exists on the dynamic or energy level and is defined as a disturbance of the vital force, which is...

The Ayurvedic Centre Plants in Campus

Vat Vriksha (Ficus bengalensis) This tree which is commonly known as bargad in Hindi and banyan tree in English is the national tree of India. It belongs to family Moraceae and Nyagrodhadi gana in Ayurveda. The tree is also known as Kalpavriksha, which means “wish...

Gift of Eternal Gratitude:

25-Year Anniversary of HIHT (video)