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Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust

Love, Serve, Remember

The Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust is located near Dehradun in the Garhwal region of the foothills of the Himalayas, and is designed to serve this region’s population of millions of people in great medical, economic, and social need. The mission of HIHT is to develop integrated and cost-effective approaches to health care and development for the country as a whole, and for underserved populations worldwide.

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RDI Update

Rural Development Institute of the  Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust, has been working on Adolescent Health and Development over the last 15 years, at various levels, including policy, program implementation and development of innovative kits and manuals. Scale up...

Now Available! Poetry Reading by Swami Rama

Swami Rama was an inspired poet and author. In this rare and unique recording from 1989, Swami Rama reads his own personal poetry. Poems include original unpublished works, and some published verses from Sikh scriptures like Japji and Sukhamani Sahab, as well as...

RDI Expands its Programs

A proud moment for us going beyond Uttarakhand! Training of Trainers of Adolescent Counsellors from Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal, Haryana, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh – A Govt. of India program funded by UNFPA.  ...

Now available! Audio Lecture by Swami Rama: “Treading the Path”

Treading the Path Lecture by Swami Rama   In this lecture by Swami Rama, recorded live in 1978, he discusses the four primitive urges (food, sleep, sex and self-preservation), and how to work with the mind and senses. Swami Rama discusses the relationship between...

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