Training & Capacity Building

RDI has used lively, participatory methods to train various levels – grass root workers, supervisor level, managerial and professionals. As technical agency various primary as well as secondary stakeholders’ capacities are enhanced. The training package offered ranges from one day orientation to 6 days’ training. RDI’s core areas of expertise include:

•   Adolescent Health & Life Skills
•   Adolescent Nutrition
•   Issues and Challenges of Adolescents

RDI has conducted national level trainings for Adolescent Health Counselors under RKSK


Adolescent Educational Status

Title Adolescent Educational Status
Area Adolescent
Author Ms. B. Maithili, Ms. Piyali Mathawan, Dr. Vartika Saxena
Project Adolescent Health Initiatives in Uttarakhand
Date 2008
  • Bloom Adolescent Network (2003-2004)
  • Adolescent Initiatives of Uttaranchal (AIU) (2003-2006)
  • Kishoriutthan, Phase I (2004-2006)
  • Mapping Study of the status of Health care (2004)
  • Policy II Project (2004)
  • Kishoriutthan, Phase II (2006-2008)
  • Adolescent Health Initiative in Uttarakhand (ARSH) (2009-2010)
  • Adolescent Resource Center (2009-2010)
  • Formulating a Training Package for Adolescent Health Counselor (Feb 2013- 2013)

Rural Development Institute developed for adolescents to provide information on issues related to adolescents like physical, mental & psychological changes, information on balanced diet, personal hygiene, and reproductive and sexual health issues.


The booklet “Pahle Kadam” has been made to answer queries specific to menstrual health and hygiene for adolescent girls. The booklet can be used as reading purpose as well as training material. The special features of this booklet are inclusion of reading material for adolescent girls with disability. It is comprehensive in giving technical information and simultaneously highlighting the social context that deals around menstruation. “Pahle Kadam” is available in Hindi and English.


  • Understanding Adolescents
  • Understanding Adolescents 2 – Understanding Adolescents -2 is second in series to offer information to adolescents specific to their age group. It provides information to regarding their self-evaluation and to help the adolescents assess their behaviors and changes. This booklet is a key resource in addressing common problems, queries and challenges during adolescence.

To address the needs of adolescents, Rural Development Institute compiled kits to share information in an interactive manner.

Yuvansh Training Kit

The kit talks about issues related to adolescents’ girls aged 11-19 focusing on health, nutrition and life skills. The kit provides a set of 5 modules along with interactive games and activities for a 108 hours training for NGOs and services providers.

UDAAN Training Kit

The kit is a first of its kind UNISEX kit addressing issues related to adolescents’ girls and boys aged 11-19 focusing on health, nutrition and life skills. The kit provides a set of 5 modules along with interactive games and activities for a 110 hours training for NGOs and services providers.


RKSK---KitUnder the Rashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakram, a low cost, easy to carry kit was compiled for the adolescent health counselors. The kit includes easy to use resource material explaining various topics in an interactive and informative manner.

Rural Development Institute has formulated a training package for adolescent health counsellors, to enhance knowledge, skills and practices in dealing effectively with adolescents.

Launched under the Rashtriya Kishore Swasthya Karyakram by Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Sh. Ghulam Nabi Azad, the document covers issues like nutrition, reproductive health and substance abuse, among other issues for adolescent counseling.

The complete set of manual covers six days’ training program. The manual includes a set of resource book and facilitator’s guide. The document is available in English and Hindi

Rural Development Institute has developed posters for adolescents on identifying ways to improve lifestyle patterns by focusing on various issues like safe motherhood, clean environment, relationships, HIV/AIDS.



Aur Mere Liye

Aur Mere Liye….. A documentary, that talks elaborately about the importance of nutritious diet for the adolescents. The central character Gudia, an adolescent girl suffers various health issues that hamper her participation in extracurricular activities at school and home.


Many parts of India still struggle with the social issue of low educatiion rate amongst females. Through DUHITA, an impact of such real life case is shown. The entire movie gives a message on equality of rights for girls, their desire to fulfill their dreams.

Ujale Ki Or (Towards a Right Path)

Today, India holds the record of having most young people in the world, yet it’s a pity that this younger generation is getting more and more drug addicted. The movie will surely encourage our youth to adopt a right path.


Behavior change communication (BCC) has always been an essential component of all the Programs of RDI. Since most of activities of RDI has been carried out in the rural areas therefore to involve people at village level & also to deliver health, education & developmental messages effectively various BCC techniques, material & activities were tested & tried out at field level successfully and activities were organized accordingly.

Some of materials used are Audio and Video methods, training kits, modules, posters, flip chart, illustrative & game accessories, and participative flash cards etc.

RDI’s CVU is aiming to bring about the qualitative change in the life of people through informing, inspiring & encouraging people’s involvement & action for the realization of the developmental priorities and needs of their areas. CVU is a local production unit which produces and screens their monthly Video Magazines, focused on critical community issues, as an effective approach allowing communities to increase community’s awareness.

Since its inception, CVU has made a significant progress in terms of identifying community issues & problems and exploring new insights on such issues. Following this process it produced more than 125 films including 90 documentary films, promotional & educational films on health, livelihood & education & also social advertisement on eye donation, blood donation, family planning, epilepsy & cancer related awareness. These films conveyed the message such as to motivate people to bring about positive changes in their life. Women, youth & adolescents have always been in the nucleus of films produced by CVU. So far various films have been screened off in several villages of mountains with an annual coverage of approx. 50,000 people.


A prominent feature of RDI’s activities has been on overall development of adolescents by emphasizing on health concerns of Adolescents of Uttarakhand. The focus of these programs has been to improve knowledge, attitude and behavior regarding general health and hygiene, reproductive health practices, to reduce prevalence of anemia among adolescents, to enhance emotional health and internal development of more than 200000 adolescents.

Our adolescent interventions stretch out in all the three levels of Himalayas – Upper (Uttarkashi), Middle (Tehri, Chamoli, Nainital) and Lower (Udham Singh Nagar, Dehradun, Haridwar) to reach out to the needs of adolescents in far-flung areas.

Prominent features of these interventions have been

  • Training of Peer Leaders
  • Counseling/ Health Checkups
  • Development of Kits (Health, Nutrition, Life Skill & Livelihood)
  • Establishment of Adolescent Resource Center
  • Involvement of stakeholders
  • Peer group
  • Exposure visits

Dedicated efforts are made by RDI to address issues regarding menarche among adolescent girls in the rural areas. Through special awareness programs RDI raises the information level among the rural adolescent girls regarding menstrual health & hygiene. It provides training on Menarche, Menstruation, Menstrual Cycle, Pre- Menstrual Syndrome, diet during menstruation, Menstrual Hygiene, safe disposal of used sanitary pads/ Cloth etc. is provided to them. Resource material is available in English as well as in Hindi in print, audio and video formats. Efforts are now being made to make it accessible for people with visual, speech and hearing impairment.

Development initiatives focus simultaneously on adolescent boys and girls, as per their need. Emphasis was given to experiential learning by taking the group to different Government and Non-Government Service Departments and thus broadening their horizons of understanding.

RDI’s expertise lie in offering grass root as well as technical services to different development agencies across the state. Often adopting interactive methods using local dialects the publications have been directed to address health needs that would bring about a change in overall quality of living.