Science of Joyful Living

Introduction to the Workshop

The Science of Joyful Living workshop is based on the teachings of H.H. Dr. Swami Rama. His pioneering experiments with American scientists in the early seventies laid the foundation to holistic approach in health and healing. Such workshops are conducted regularly for students, staff and faculty from time to time.

Swami Rama emphasized that the purpose of life is to be free from pain, misery and bondage. That much of our suffering is self-created and 70 – 80 percent diseases are psychosomatic which originate in the mind first. Research has proved that stress is a major cause of many illnesses like headaches, depression, anxiety, heart disease, high blood pressure, respiratory diseases and digestive disorders etc. and that harmony can be achieved through self discipline, healthy eating habits, yoga & meditation and creative use of emotions. Devoting a few minutes each day to such practices would help one to enhance communication skills, improve inter-personal relationships, sharpen decision-making and manage stress effectively.

This workshop is an endeavor to establish the concept of healthy mind & healthy body and helps in unlocking the hidden potentials, making us more creative and dynamic. The workshop consists of several inter-related modules where each module includes a lecture delivered using multi-media aids, a practicum and a slot for interaction with the faculty. It can be tailored into a one or two day workshop and can be customized to the requirements of a particular group or organization. The workshop comprises of the following interactive modules and practicum:

Interactive Modules

Introduction to “Science of Joyful Living”

Diet & Exercise

Science of Breath

Mind & Psychosomatic Origins of Disease

Four Primitive Fountains

Creative Use of Emotions

Meditation: “What it is & How to do it”


Eating Practicum

Yoga Postures

Yogic Walk

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Alternate Nostril Breathing

31 Points Exercise

61 Points Exercise

Systematic Relaxation

Guided Meditation


The Science of Joyful Living Workshop is organized by the University on request for students and professionals, from other institutions and corporate. Individuals, Groups or Corporate desirous of organizing such workshops should send their queries to:

Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust

Swami Ram Nagar, P.O. Jolly Grant,

Dehradun – 248016, India

Phone: +91-135-2471133