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Bhakti Yoga: Path of Love and Devotion by Swami Rama

Bhakti is a powerful path for learning to channel one’s emotional power, which arises from desires. Desires themselves spring from the four primitive urges—the drives for food, sex, sleep, and self-preservation, which exist in every living creature. But...

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sepia-ponchoH.H. Dr. Swami Rama inspired millions of people through the loving and selfless example he set in his life, and through the clarity and practicality of his teachings and writings. Swami Rama Centre (SRC) was created to ensure that his works continue to be available as a source of inspiration to countless spiritual seekers. SRC at Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust has become a favorite meeting place for Swamiji’s students, his disciples from all over the world and the residents of the Institute campus. Every year Guru Purnima celebration is organized by SRC. On 13th November, a function commemorating the anniversary of Swami Rama’s mahasamadhi is held annually. The Centre itself is a multi-faceted complex where the writings and teachings of H.H. Dr. Swami Rama are preserved and made available to all who are interested. The complex includes a photobiography of Swamiji and meditation hall. The publication of Swamiji’s unpublished works is a focus of Swami Rama Centre. The Meditation Hall is a zone of silence, open daily for meditation from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Adjacent to the meditation hall is the room where Swamiji left his mortal body. Swami Rama Centre has an English spiritual bookstore offering books by Swami Rama, Swami Veda, and other spiritual traditions, along with a selection of gift items. The entire complex is surrounded by a beautiful garden which provides a serene and isolated environment, conducive to meditation and contemplation. Contact us at src@hihtindia.org, 91-135-241-2068 or 91-135-247-1233. The Centre is open Monday through Saturday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., on the HIHT campus. Or find us on Facebook. Visit us on YouTube. For a detailed biography of Swami Rama, go to  Founder, Swami Rama.
Membership in Swami Rama Family includes the following benefits: * 10% discount on books published by Swami Rama Centre  * 10% discount on registration fees for HIHT sponsored conferences *  Rs. 100 per year, Rs. 1,000 for lifetime membership